Wooden puzzle "Farm" (29x20cm) 37 elements
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Wooden puzzle "Farm" is part of the new series of wooden puzzles for kids "Collect! Color! Play! " A distinctive feature of this series is that a child, collecting puzzles, will be able not only to get acquainted with the world around him (pets and birds), but also to be creative by painting the resulting picture. To do this, he will need to use his own paints or pencils, which are in the arsenal of each child (paints, pencils, markers and a brush are not included in the set). Figures of animals, birds and plants from the set are cut out separately, and the child can use them for other games that he will come up with himself or together with adults. The details of the puzzle are made of plywood and cut by laser cutting, the drawing is applied by laser engraving. Consists of 37 parts (the size of the assembled field is 29x20 cm) and a color assembly diagram. We hope that the sets from the new series will allow you to spend your leisure time with your child in a fun and useful way!
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Wooden puzzle "Farm" (29x20cm) 37 elements - 33575

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