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The "Castle" pyramid is designed for children aged 3 years and older. The pyramid meets all the requirements for children's toys. Child's health. The safety of the "Castle" pyramid is explained by the fact that its parts are made of natural material - birch wood, and the acrylic paints used to paint the elements of the toy are non-toxic and absolutely safe. Child development. In the process of assembling the pyramid, the child has develop: Attention; Fine motor skills of hands; Memory; Logical thinking; Imagination. The reliability of the toy. The details of the "Castle" pyramid are well polished and made very carefully. Since they are made of wood, they will undoubtedly last more than one year, and the pyramid will retain its attractive appearance for a long time! Interest. It will be interesting for the kid to assemble the “Castle” pyramid, because its details are bright and the children's faces are funny and positive. The kit contains 14 parts that must be strung on the rods in the correct order. First, you will assemble the pyramid yourself, showing an example to the child, and after a while the child will learn to "settle" the children in the castle on their own.
USD 4.13/шт 4.13
Description Constructor "Town" is intended for children aged 1 year and older, because meets the most important requirements for children's toys. Child health. The construction set "Gorodok" is made of high quality and environmentally friendly material, which guarantees the safety of the child's health. Thanks to the shape and processing of the parts of the set, the child will be pleased to hold them in his hands, and due to the fact that the elements of the toy are made of birch wood, they will only benefit your child. Child development. The child develops “town”: Logical thinking; Fine motor skills of hands; Attention; Imagination. Creativity. The details of the "Gorodok" construction set are not painted, this allows the child, independently or with your help, to decorate the building parts in the desired colors. The reliability of the toy. Wooden toys are famous its durability, so the details of the set will retain an attractive look for a long time, and your child will be happy to play with them again and again! Interest. It will be fun for the child to assemble and disassemble the construction set, and with each game you can come up with new combinations of parts. You and your child can use all 23 elements of the "Town" constructor, or use only some details in the game and combine cubes, cylinders, arches, and prisms with each other. And if the figures are painted by a child, the designer will acquire individuality.
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