Smart E-Lockers
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Features: 1. Software + hardware = smart lockers, the best solutions for your storage. 2. Use the latest technology to access your storage. 3. Solve the problem of high reshipment rates and take confidentiality into account. 4. Smart lockers have a high level of self-service and low time constraints, which can compensate for existing queues and time-consuming problems associated with obtaining goods in supermarkets. 5. Software function to control multi-port smart cabinets. 6. Smart lock to unlock multiple verification methods. Protection functions such as automatic blocking. Applications: 1. Logistics: second delivery transfer counters, e-commerce pickup, e-commerce returns, counter delivery shipment, home delivery return 2. Equipment management: equipment and material rental and return 3. Channel / retail chain: sale of goods, collection of online orders, marketing interaction, data collection and analysis 4. Express industry: delivery of documents or articles 5. Management of society and property: delivery of parcels, public services 6. Laundry: delivery of laundry 7. Business, Library, Fitness -center: Storage service for members / students
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Smart E-Lockers - 72399

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Alex Tsai
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