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Striped owl, blue cat Cats and owls are the favorite animals of witches. Poor fellows are so often subjected to magical experiments that sometimes you cannot immediately tell who is in front of us - a cat or an owl. Well, let's figure out who's who! kotos_cards.png Fast counting, logic, reaction In this stunningly designed game, children learn to instantly determine the number without counting. In the game process, attentiveness, concentration and reaction speed are trained, memory is actively working. There are essentially three games in the box that train different skills. The game has several difficulty levels for children of different ages. Cards, cubes and totems are decorated in a bright and unusual design, children really like it! kotosov_vse.png Included 30 cards. 2 dice. 3 totems. Illustrated rules. ORDER AMOUNT IN RUBLES < / th> DISCOUNT From 2,500 Free shipping * From 12 000 10% From 17,000 15% From 28,000 20% Over 40,000 30% * For all orders over 2,500, in addition to the main discount. If you indicate in the comments to the order that this is an order for a class or kindergarten, we will add to each game a postcard and a set of posters for class as a bonus!
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