Runners SWIMBOX PRO SB11GRPH.1 / 450
Runners SWIMBOX PRO SB11GRPH.1 / 450
Runners SWIMBOX PRO SB11GRPH.1 / 450
Runners SWIMBOX PRO SB11GRPH.1 / 450
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SWIMBOX PRO is a pull-out system with slim, graceful sidewalls only 12.8 mm thick. They maintain an elegant style and provide impeccable functionality. SWIMBOX PRO is a real pleasure to use. The systems provide soft and quiet running, perfect closing thanks to shock absorption and closing. SWIMBOX PRO have an optimal load capacity of 50 kg and can easily support even large, heavy boxes with pots, appliances and other massive items. And at the same time, they will also work smoothly, stably and confidently thanks to the synchronization mechanism. Perfectly flat and smooth sidewalls do not take a millimeter away from the useful inner space of the box. The model also offers vertical and horizontal adjustment of the facade +/- 2 mm to achieve its ideal position. Features : Shock absorber : Yes Type of movement: on balls Installation length: 450 mm Extension type: Full Installation: Open Type of movement: soft-closing Wall height: 110 mm Color: Graphite Bearing capacity (per pair): up to 50 kg Package quantity: 1 Package weight: 3.294 kg
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Runners SWIMBOX PRO SB11GRPH.1 / 450 - 3884

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