Shear Bolt Mechanical Lug
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Mechanical Lugs-Cable Shoes shear bolt-termination Mechanical lugs and repair sleeves are designed for use in low and medium voltage applications. Only three sizes cover conductor sizes from 25 mm² to 400 mm². All products consist of a tin-plated body, shear-head bolts and inserts for small conductor sizes. Made of special aluminium alloy, these contact bolts are double shear head bolts with hexagon heads. The bolts are treated with a highly lubricating agent. Contact bolts are irremovable once their heads have been sheared off. The Lug body is made of a high-tensile, tin-plated aluminium alloy. The internal surface of the conductor holes are grooved. Lugs are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and are available with different palm hole sizes. The bolted fitting featured herein was developed specifically for use in medium voltage cable accessories up to 42 kV. They may also be used in the 1 kV range. TYPE CODE CABLE RANGEMM2 DIA. OF MOUNTING HOLE DIMENSION(MM) NO.OF TORQUE BOLTS BOLTS HEAD SIZE L L1 D d AF LSA-25/95-13 LSA-1 25-95 13 74 60 24 12.8 1 13 LSA-35/150-13 LSA-2 35-150 13 100 86 28 15.8 1 17 LSA-95/240-13 LSA-3 95-240 13 129 112 33 20 2 19 LSA-120/300-13 LSA-4 120-300 13 140 120 37 24 2 22 LSA-185/400-13 LSA-5 185-400 13 160 137 42 25.5 3 22 LSA-500/630-13 LSA-6 500-630 13 175 150 50 33 3 27 LSA-800-13 LSA-7 800 13 195 165 55 36 4 27 FEATURES 1.Cable shoes shear bolt-termination designed to be connected on to a conductor to facilitate the termination of the cable without the need for crimping. 2.High tensile aluminium alloy or tin plated aluminium alloy. 3.Shear bolt technology to ensure a good electrical connection 4.Solid moisture block between palm and barrel 5.Smooth profile prevents damage to insulation or sealing sleeves 6.No elongation during installation 7.Wide application range
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Shear Bolt Mechanical Lug - 72508

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