Stainless Steel Banding Strap
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Stainless steel banding,also named stainless steel sheets / coils are an excellent general purpose metal zip ties,they have unparalleled strength,With high-quality corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical is not easy to rust in use, while ensuring quality, long service life, wear resistance, excellent fire resistance, excellent performance.They are very suitable for working in various environments,Even in the most extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions,Stainless steel banding straps are ideal for bundling and fixing various cables, wires and components.Such as bundling the suspension clamps,anchor clamps,and hooks,on dead end and intermediate routes of main or end use electrical connectors.Bundling of signs and cables for transportation and telecommunication, petroleum pipelines, electric power, shipbuilding, etc., as well as submarine cables, communication cables, pipelines, traffic, telephone pole numbers, advertising signs, etc. Stainless steel banding used with a variety of stainless steel buckles,with high locking,tensile and strength. Material: Stainless steel of different grades: 201 stainless steel banding,304 stainless steel banding,316 stainless steel banding,the other stainless steel grades can be customized. Packing: Packing with paper box,colour plastic box or bundling with nylon cable tie
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