"Gifts of the Caucasus, goods of national cuisine"

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أدوات المطبخ, كل شيء للمطبخ, أجهزة المطبخ روسيا, Кировская Область г. Киров ул.Деповской переулок, д 4

Welcome to "Gifts of the Caucasus, National Cuisine Products" For three years, we have been shipping wholesale cool hot products on which you can make good money. * The assortment includes: * * Cast iron Uzbek cauldrons (BEST PRICE ON THE WHOLESALE MARKET) * Aluminum cauldrons * Afghan cauldrons * Stoves under a cauldron from Economy to Lux (Own production) * Uzbek dishes (The largest assortment) 1-grade * BBQ and cast iron * Pchaks (The largest assortment) * Accessories * Skewers (More than 30 types) * Hats and Kubankas * Tandoor * Smokehouses * Moonshine stills * Earthenware * Prayer beads in a car made of epoxy resin * Knives * Turks * Gas ​​burners * Cast iron dishes * Cast iron saji. - an extensive selection. ** The product is gaining popularity. ** He has a very tasty profit. There are many videos with them on YouTube, so the demand is growing. And they are taken apart very well. Thanks to our experience, we will show you how to reach good volumes.

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