Sofa "Palmira Chrome"
Sofa "Palmira Chrome"
Sofa "Palmira Chrome"
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Light, dynamic, modern. This "Palmyra" becomes when elements of high-tech are added to it. The abundance of open metal fragments makes the sofa attractive for youth. The transformation mechanism of the classic "book" is the ease of folding and reliability, proven by generations. The cushioning "snake" flooring, in the basis of the seat filler, gives the sofa additional comfort and reliability. High berth at seat level, spacious linen box is provided. The model is designed for daily use. At the request of the customer, the sofa is completed with a folding armchair and a pouf, which creates an additional berth. The sofa can also be equipped with a lounge chair "Palmira" Overall dimensions of the sofa 2060 × 1050 × 900 Mechanism transformation Book. Completion 3-seater sofa Upholstery material Furniture fabrics. Three fabric combinations. Frame Made of dry calibrated bar, furniture plywood. Flooring < / strong> Cushioning flooring - "snake", cotton wool, polyurethane foam of EL 25 density - 45 hardness, hollotek. Sofa cushions High-volume filler holofiber, hollotek, cushion covers are not removable. Legs Chrome metal. Armrests Chrome plated Linen drawer Chipboard, furniture plywood, fiberboard-decorated. Bedroom seat 1980 × 1300 Seat height 440
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Sofa "Palmira Chrome" - 2482

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Фабрика мягкой мебели «Аврора»
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