Sofa "Elena 16/4"
Sofa "Elena 16/4"
Sofa "Elena 16/4"
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The universal sofa "Elena - 16/4" will be a great addition to the interior of any stylistic orientation. It will perfectly fit into the design of a room decorated according to classical canons and will become the same wonderful decoration of a room in a modern style. This sofa model looks expensive, restrained and aristocratic. Sophisticated, flowing silhouette shapes are harmoniously combined with modern details. The sophistication of this piece of furniture is emphasized by the interesting tightening of the cushions and stylish edging. The originality of the model is given by beautiful decorative legs, which are characterized by increased strength and make the sofa extremely stable. The Elena - 16/4 sofa is the embodiment of elegance. It can be read in every detail of the product, including the graceful, soft armrests of expressive rounded shape. The undoubted advantage of the sofa is its equipping with a unique pantograph mechanism. With its help, a piece of furniture is very simple and quick to unfold, and at the same time your floor covering, whether it is fragile laminate, moody parquet or soft carpet, will not suffer in the least. Thus, the Elena 16 / -4 universal sofa can be installed in any room, it all depends on your personal preferences.
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Sofa "Elena 16/4" - 2448

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Фабрика мягкой мебели «Елена»
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