Armchair "Atlant Ultra"
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Chair of the head "Atlant". Every leader wants to be omnipotent, like Atlas. Now it is available to any manager. It is enough to take a seat in this armchair. This armchair is respectable, businesslike, solid and at the same time very comfortable; it has a classic verified design and clear notes of luxury. The armchair is comfortable and beautiful - soft, with fluffy padding, spacious, stable. The basic set is upholstered in fabric of the "C" series. On request, you can order the execution of an armchair made of leatherette or genuine leather, both black and colored. The back is high, with a soft head section. The backrest relief is decorative and ergonomic. The fluffy seat also has an ergonomic profile. The chair can be adapted to a specific person - seat height adjustment. The chair also has a swing mechanism, the swing elasticity can be adjusted to suit your weight. In working mode, the chair is fixed in an upright position. The decoration of the chair is wide plastic armrests, comfortable for hands.
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Armchair "Atlant Ultra" - 2443

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