Armchair "Prestige BUSH"
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Operator chair "Prestige BUSH" is the most popular type of operator chair. It became widespread due to the optimal ratio of functional characteristics and prices. This chair is in demand not only for office use, but also for home use. The chair has a number of characteristics: The back of the chair is large, comfortable; seat - ergonomic. Seat and back padding - foam rubber. Durable furniture fabric or imitation leather is used as upholstery. Color options are varied. The thickened seat padding on the sides and front allows the chair to be comfortable. The presented model is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism - gas-lift ("gas-lift"). The ability to adjust the height of the seat relative to the floor in accordance with the height of the person, which makes it even more ergonomic. The CPT adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust and fix the height of the backrest of the chair, its angle and the distance from the seat to the backrest. The base of the chair is a five-beam plastic crosspiece on casters that can withstand a static load of 1200 kg. The casters allow you to move on the chair without getting up, without stopping from work. The chair is equipped with armrests. It is possible to choose armrests of the following types: "Samba", "Sonata", "Golf". The chair is supplied in a corrugated box. The listed characteristics speak of lightness, comfort, convenience in the application of the chair "Prestige BUSH". Also, the model is unpretentious in cleaning and will carry a long service. The Prestige BUSH armchair is ideal for dynamic everyday work.
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