GFO LIFE feed additive for cows, calves, cattle
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The feed additive "GFO LIFE" is used in the diet of animals as a complex preparation which: - strengthens the immune system, increases its resistance to diseases, unfavorable factors (stress, temperature changes, etc.); - stimulates the processes of hematopoiesis and mineral metabolism; activates and normalizes digestion processes; - promotes better digestion and assimilation of feed, increases the appetite of animals; - has a direct antiviral effect; - provides an increase in the productivity and safety of animals from gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases: - the growth accelerates and the productivity of animals increases. Animal feeding additionally gives an increase in muscle mass, which increases by 15-30%, mortality decreases, feed costs are reduced 10-20 % (the animal reaches the required weight gain 2-3 months earlier than with normal feeding), the quality of meat improves, the cost of honey preparations is significantly reduced. Stimulates lactation in cows, an increase in milk yield by 15-20% and an increase in fat content milk . Application rates: added to feed and drink 0.3 -0.5ml per 1 kg of weight. (10-20l per 1 ton. Feed or 1 ton. Water) Produced in the form of a brown solution with a specific, not pungent odor. Composition: 16 natural water-soluble amino acids: histidine, glycine, methionine, etc., natural vitamins: A, B1 -B12, E, C, D, P; humic and fulvic acids; nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and trace elements: Mn, Cu, B, Zn, I, Mg, etc. Shelf life 1 year. Storage temperature +5 to + 25C We are interested in long-term cooperation with farms, agricultural firms, as well as companies selling microfertilizers, housing and communal services, feed additives for animals, birds, fish.
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GFO LIFE feed additive for cows, calves, cattle - 26223

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