Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray
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A new high-tech product created by Korean specialists specifically for the recovery and care of the skin of the face, body and head with the help of a concentrate serum with an activator of stem cells "Stem cell amplout". Due to the strong pressure, the nebulizer turns the serum into a micro-dispersed mist with particles of 0.3 microns, thanks to which the preparation easily penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and has a beneficial effect on its condition. Using the Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray allows you to achieve excellent results, such as moisturizing the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles, puffiness and circles under the eyes, improves blood circulation, relieves inflammation, and reduces pores. Your skin will look fresh and refreshed. The Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray can be used both for home care (serum in 7 ml ampoules) and in beauty salons (30 ml ampoules). Powered by 220W
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Longlast Beauty Moisture Spray - 25700

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