Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm
Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm
Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm
Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm
Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm
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Description OptiLook T skylights are covered windows with double glazing and tempered exterior. This design is an additional protection against unauthorized access to the attic from the street side, while also ensuring the safety of the hatch window operation. The lid can be tilted 180° on the upper hinge and can be fixed in a ventilated position. The hatch windows are equipped with 4H tempered glass. Hatch windows do not have special insulation and are therefore recommended for installation in non-residential attic spaces. Dimensions: 46x75cm Features: • Window frame made of pine wood impregnated with preservative in a vacuum chamber; • Handles allow you to fix the window in 3 ventilation positions; The aluminum material of the product has been specially treated (mouth pressing), which increases the strength and stability of the structure; • The hatch window is guaranteed to be free from damage by hail and tree branches for life; Attaches to any type of roof; • Mounting groups are included in hatch groups. Manufacturer: Polish company "KRONmat". Characteristics Main Manufacturer KRONmat Country of Production Poland Double Glazing Type Single Room Window Profile Timber Glass Type (Glass Unit) Tempered Window Use Polyline Window Shape Rectangular Glass Unit Room Filling Air Glass (Glass Unit) Physical Properties Influence Resistance Window Profile Material Phase combine. Additional functions Number of sashes 1 Window opening method GLASS HINGE EXECUTIVE TRANSPARENT WINDOW COMPLETE GASKETS, HANDLES, TIP AND SWITCH FITTINGS DIMENSIONS Window width 460 mm. Window Height 750mm Glass Thickness 4mm User Features Service Hatch Type Exit to Roof Window Purpose Service Hatch Width 460mm , Tilt and swivel accessories
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Skylight OptiLook T 46x75cm - 77915

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