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ARIEL washing powder for colored clothes helps to cope with old stains. Impeccable cleanliness and a pleasant aroma of clothes give a great mood and self-confidence, so it is very important to pay due attention to washing. This is what ARIEL washing powder was created for. Aquapowder dissolves as soon as it touches the water, and is instantly activated: it removes stubborn stains, penetrating deep into the structure of the fibers, and does not allow dirt to eat in. The powder eliminates odor-causing contaminants such as sweat and body odor, leaving clothes pleasantly scented and radiantly clean, even on shirt collars and cuffs. Flawless stain removal from the first wash even at 30 degrees. The powder dissolves quickly without leaving marks on clothes. No phosphates or chlorine are used. Now your favorite things will last even longer.
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