Dried Valerian Roots (Organic)
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I sell organic dried valerian flowers from the manufacturer (Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan). There is an international organic certificate. Harvested in autumn or early spring, freed from the remains of leaves and stems, washed from the ground and dried rhizomes with roots of a perennial wild and cultivated herb valerian medicinal - ValerianaofficinalisL. s. l ., sem. valerian - Valerianaceae . The uniqueness of our products lies in the fact that the land plots of our member farmers are located in an ideal region for growing organic products. Alpine air, peculiarities of the natural and climatic conditions of the Issyk-Kul region make it possible to grow various types of ecologically clean crop products and medicinal plants with a high content of biologically active substances. Laboratory analyzes of medicinal herbs grown by the "Issyk-Kul Organic" cooperative show that the content of herbal extract exceeds 130% compared to herbs from other regions and the content of chemicals in the composition of herbs is 0%. Product specification and copies certificates are provided as required. Please contact us at:
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Dried Valerian Roots (Organic) - 25099

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Сельскохозяйственный товарно-сервисный кооператив "Иссык-Куль Органика"
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