Swing chair "Mallorca"
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Swing chair "Mallorca" made of natural rattan. Braid: genuine leather. Pillows: fabric - chinilla; filler - ball synthetic fluff < / p> (height, width, depth): 105 * 90 * 70, height with a metal base 200 Delivery without a metal base with a ceiling suspension is possible. В In today's hectic world, when it is so difficult to relax and disconnect from reality full of problems and tasks, we will help you create a corner of peace and relaxation. A place where you can calmly reflect, relax and enjoy natural comfort. Take a look at this swing chair. A cozy nest, climbing into which, you can imagine yourself on the ocean shore, surrounded by the purest water and green palm trees. White sand and the sound of incoming waves, the harmony of nature and the exciting aroma of tropical fruits. These are the emotions and associations that this hanging chair evokes. A swing chair made of natural rattan, on a metal base with a soft cushion seat, will help you relax at the summer cottage, will give you a calm rest in the fresh air. The sturdy mount connects the chair securely to the base. Such an armchair can be used to decorate a children's room, to give it to friends for a housewarming. And in a country house it will become the center of attention of your guests.
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