Set "Furniture White"
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When choosing a greenhouse, consumers, as a rule, pay attention to the main points: the overall strength of the frame, the thickness of the metal, the quality of galvanizing, the thickness and density of polycarbonate, and other important points. High-quality fittings are the key to trouble-free operation greenhouses. Good fittings allow the sash to be closed without leaving gaps and regulates the pressing force. Through these products, a fixed and movable connection of parts is provided. If the fittings are chosen correctly, it has a positive effect on the durability and strength of the greenhouse, ease of use. With the set "White fittings" you can make your greenhouse more durable and original, as well as replace elements that over time loosened, damaged or lost their appearance. Package includes: 1. Rectangular door handles - 4 pcs.; 2. Handle-button for vents - 2 pcs.; 3. Door hinges - 8 pcs.; 4. Door latch - 2 pcs .; 5. Hook - 4 pcs.; 6. Slotted ventilator - 1 pc .; 7. Hardware
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