Garden composter "Fertility"
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All gardeners know that the best fertilizers are organic! They promote plant growth and improve the soil. Compost is considered to be the simplest organic fertilizer. Any gardener can prepare such fertilizer! To do this, you need to collect weeds, unsuitable for food tops, leaves, stems and other biological waste in the composter from the Volia company! Height, length, width of the composter - 1 meter. There is a possibility of extending the length of the composter with the help of additional sections (purchased separately). Starting in spring, you will be able to fill the composter with biological waste and get excellent fertilizer! In autumn, there is no need to burn the leaves - put them in a composter, and by spring you will receive excellent fertilizer. The composter is made of a galvanized metal profile. It is durable, so the compost pile will not spread all over the site, and lightweight - you can move it anywhere if necessary. Thanks to the gaps between the galvanized rods, air circulates inside the composter and the compost matures faster. For your convenience, we made it so that you can pull out any lower plank, take out the already ripe compost, and then put the plank back.
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