Orthopedic mattress Comfort Elite
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High-quality Comfort Elite mattress based on Bonnel orthopedic spring block. The block consists of double-cone springs, which are installed in one row and connected to the adjacent rows by spirals from the top and bottom. The mattress is highly rigid, which provides support for the spine. The diameter of the springs is 6 cm. Layers of comfort: natural cotton felt, natural coconut coir and polyurethane foam provide surface softness to the garment. The cover is made of jacquard (70% cotton fibers, 30% polyester), quilted with polyurethane foam. All materials used are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergic reactions. Load for one berth up to 110kg. Mattress height 25cm. We produce anatomical and orthopedic mattresses of any size and any configuration to order at negotiable prices.
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Orthopedic mattress Comfort Elite - 20025

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USD 30.0 - 100.0 USD

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