Laundry soap ECO 72% 200/250 gr.
Laundry soap ECO 72% 200/250 gr.
Laundry soap ECO 72% 200/250 gr.
Laundry soap ECO 72% 200/250 gr.
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We produce and sell solid households. ECO soap 72% in pieces of 200/250 g. GOST 302266: 95/2017 Our host. ECO soap is made according to the original traditional recipes, completely natural (99%), without the addition of chemical. additives, fragrances, pavof, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. With the addition of glycerin. Many factories seize glycerin in the production process, process and separately use / sell it, because of this, the soap loses its useful properties and versatility. In addition, chemical additives are traditionally used, which cause irritation, allergies, and dry the skin. In addition to chemical. additives of fragrances and pavof to reduce the cost of production use cheap raw materials (up to petroleum products), old oils, fats with a smell, with an expired shelf life. We do not separate glycerin in the production process, it remains in the soap, we also use only natural high-quality fats and oils. What is the use of glycerin, why should it stay in soap? Glycerin in the right proportions moisturizes and regenerates the skin, prevents dehydration. It normalizes metabolic processes in the skin well, provides ideal protection against peeling and increases skin elasticity. Therefore, our soap is universal, suitable for washing dishes and for washing and as a means of personal hygiene, in addition, it is good for the skin and in general for health and the environment. Features: - High-quality soap is made from natural raw materials: it has a high detergency, forms abundant foam, does not get wet and is economically consumed. - Soap does not irritate the skin, does not cause allergic reactions, does not have a harmful effect on the environment. - The soap is intended for sanitary and hygienic purposes and for hand washing products from all types of fabrics. - Hypoallergenic Available in 72% and 65% sizes: 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams. White to dark. GOST 302266: 95/2017 (Customization is possible) Ingredients: sodium salts of fatty acids of animal fats, vegetable oils, water, glycerin, NaOH (alkali), sodium chloride (salt), no chemical. additives, dyes, preservatives and fragrances. Shelf life is 3 years. The product is not subject to mandatory certification. We guarantee the quality and timeliness of deliveries. We will provide samples for testing to check the quality and properties of the soap.
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