LLC "Grace"

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مشروبات, التوابل والأعشاب, العصائر, القهوة والشاي, المكونات الغذائية روسيا, Бийск, улица Луговая 99а, помещение Н-2

Dear friends, we invite you to become our partners, we offer mutually beneficial and comfortable business doing together with our company. With us you can easily implement your business! We cooperate in large, medium and small wholesale! Work on private label is possible. From us you can buy environmentally friendly products manufactured under our trademark "Grace from Altai" wholesale and retail on the most favorable terms for you. We offer a series of unique non-alcoholic balsams and tea drinks that are highly beneficial, have a pleasant taste and aroma. Our assortment includes such items as: Non-alcoholic balms; Tea drinks; Mumiyo; Stone oil; Fir oil; Cedar resin. Cosmetics TM Crimean Herbalist (toothpastes, skin and hair care products, etc.) The main source of the origin of the product components is the mountainous regions of the Altai Republic.

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