Electric heaping machine
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Electronic deflector. The principle of operation of the electronic deflector is based on heating the wire, heating up, it melts the wax, as soon as the device is turned off, the melting process stops and the wax hardens on the wire. The elektronavashchivatel has a very simple design, it is just as easy to use. The contacts of the device need to be attached to the wire on both sides of the frame, put a sheet of foundation on top, turn on the device, after a couple of seconds the whole wire will heat up to the melting point of the wax, and the sheet of foundation will start to melt at the points of contact with the wire. As soon as the wire hits the wax, turn off the device to avoid completely cutting the foundation sheet. The whole process of nabastika takes less than a minute. CHARACTERISTICS Mains voltage 220 V. Gathering power 20 W
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