Electric knife (stainless steel) 280 mm. 70 watts
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Electroknife (stainless) 280 mm. 70 W. Designed for trimming the beading from the honeycomb. It is very simple and easy to use, significantly increases the productivity of the beekeeper. The work of the knife provides for short-term cycles, during which the knife is cooled during the cutting of the notch, and heats up while the beekeeper prepares the next frame. The knife blade is made of high quality carbon stainless steel, grade "40X13". Knife power sources: 12V car battery, step-down transformer / generator 220 / 12V, battery charger for 12V. Blade dimensions 280x40x2 Blade material Stainless carbon steel 40X13 Handle material Wood < / td> Operating voltage 12 V. Power 70 W. Operating temperature 70-90 ° C Heating time to operating temperature 30 sec. Knife length 400 mm. Weight 350
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Electric knife (stainless steel) 280 mm. 70 watts - 15311

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