Air purifier ozonator ALTAI wholesale and retail.
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Air purifier ozonator + ionizer ALTAI destroys viruses and bacteria, purifies water and air. Discounts for wholesalers. Dropshipping work is possible. Delivery is free in all regions. The ozonizer is certified. It is easy to operate, no consumables are required, has a 36 month warranty, a service life of 8-10 years, 2in1 technology, a wide range of applications: • Air disinfection and deodorization; • Destruction of viruses and bacteria; • Improvement of water quality (disinfection, oxygen enrichment, elimination of chlorine and other harmful impurities); • To eliminate mold, odor and pests. INCLUDED WITH ALTAI OZONATOR: 2 silicone hoses, 3 spray nozzles, shock-resistant packaging, illustrated instructions. Specifications: Electrical requirements 220V +/- 10% (50Hz) Power consumption 18 W Ozone productivity 400 mg / h +/- 10% Ion output 4000000 aeroions / cm3 / sec. In principle, the ozonator uses a natural mechanism for producing ozone after a lightning discharge. Air is drawn in through an opening in the lower part of the apparatus into the generator block and processed by a high-frequency discharge. The resulting ozone of high concentration is used for disinfection and deodorization of air, destruction of viruses and bacteria, elimination of microbes and odors. The ALTAI ozonizer does not require consumables for its operation. You simply plug the device into an outlet, press the side button, and the ionizer is activated. To turn on the ozonation mode, turn the timer to select the required ozonation time. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents. The ionizer can work in the presence of people, the operating time is not limited. Ozone is unstable, decomposes into oxygen after 30 minutes after switching off. Call and order the ALTAI ozonizer + ionizer
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Air purifier ozonator ALTAI wholesale and retail. - 74054

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