Paint by number Salvador Dali. Galatea of Spheres
Paint by number Salvador Dali. Galatea of Spheres
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Paint by number Galatea of ​​spheres - coloring by numbers on canvas. The principle is simple: you need to paint over the numbered segments of the drawing with paints of the desired color. Coloring trains fine motor skills of hands, trains memory, develops imagination. Number of paints: 24 Difficulty level: difficult Acrylic varnish in the set will help protect the finished painting from exposure to ultraviolet rays and moisture. It must be diluted 1: 1 with water before use. The varnish should be applied to the paint as a topcoat. Contents of the set: natural cotton canvas on a wooden stretcher (canvas is pre-primed), nylon brushes of different sizes 3 pcs., Acrylic paints (fade resistant), wall mount, acrylic lacquer (2 cans) Dimensions Width 40 cm. Height 50 cm. Depth 3 cm. Package 0 pcs. < br> Qty per box 20 pcs. Shipping Free delivery in Moscow to a transport company from 15,000 rubles.
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Paint by number Salvador Dali. Galatea of Spheres - 3441

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