VSG-15-02 hot water meter (110mm)
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Water meters VSG-15 with a diameter of the working passage DN 15, belong to the category of single-channel, clutch dry meters. They are intended for measuring the volume of cold and hot water, as well as for domestic and industrial use. Water moves through pipelines with a diameter of up to 1/2 inch, with a maximum consumption: 3.0 m3 / hour, 36.0 m3 / day. The quality of the water must comply with all sanitary standards that relate to drinking water, as well as the requirements of the technical standards, namely: the highest pressure in the pipeline can be 16 kgf / cm2; the permissible temperature range of water is from +5 to +95 ° C. In addition, the presence of solid impurities that can damage the impeller is not allowed in the water. Even minor violations can lead to problems, namely, the accuracy of the measurement. The meter readings are made by roller and pointer gauges, which record fractions and whole cubic meters of water.
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VSG-15-02 hot water meter (110mm) - 16208

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