Cold water meter with impulse VSHd-15-02 (110mm)
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VSHd-15 meters are used to measure the flow of cold water. They are designed for installation on 15 mm diameter pipelines. The letter "d" in the model name means that it is equipped with a reed switch, which allows you to remotely monitor the readings of the device. This is very convenient for cases when apartment owners do not want to install a water meter in an open place, choosing a location behind the plumbing or washing machine. Given the diameter of the pipeline, water meters of this type are most often used in everyday life, but they can be installed in laboratories, offices, institutions, retail outlets and institutions of various types. Features of operation < / p> VSHd-15 water meters are used to measure the flow rate of water with a temperature from +5 to + 50 ° C, supplied with a pressure not higher than 1.6 MPa. Other restrictions include: indoor air temperature from +5 to + 50 ° С, availability of heating in winter, humidity less 80%, no possibility of flooding the room and, in particular, the installation site of the device, the impossibility of increasing the maximum permissible temperature of the water passing through the pipeline, constant filling water, the absence within 2 meters of devices or objects capable of creating a magnetic field, the maximum possible volume of water passed through the meter - 38 m3 per day and 1125 m3 per month, work at maximum load no more than 1 hour per day.
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Cold water meter with impulse VSHd-15-02 (110mm) - 16213

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