Inkjet plotter Algotex Xstream 140 4hp (180 cm)
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Large format Algotex XSTREAM 140 plotter is the latest development of the latest generation of Algotex plotters. The plotter features increased printing speed. The Algotex XSTREAM 140 model is equipped with an electronic system for automatic monitoring of the state of sensors and sensors, which continuously monitors the operation without stopping printing. Quiet, high rigidity, compatible with all CAD systems. Benefits: increased print speed low noise compatible with all CAD systems printing at a constant speed regardless of the density of the layout, the shape and size of parts, the number of inscriptions with other characters patented electronic paper feed control system with compensation errors selection of line thickness: standard or bold for each individual layout in the job queue automatic cleaning of the print head electronic ink control < li> advanced roll clamping system advanced job queue management simple roll clamping system Applications: < li> for printing ready-made layouts and patterns Effective print width 180 cm Average print speed 140 m2 / h Number of heads 4 Supported formats HPGL / 2, ISO, STD, D6959 Cartridges HP ™ 51645A # 45 Fixed accuracy with error +/- 0.001m Supply voltage universal with frequency 50/60 Hz Power Consumption 100 W Operating Temperature < td> 10-40 0С Plotter dimensions 253х87х30 cm Net weight 118 kg Package dimensions 285x120x60 cm Gross weight 185 kg Country of origin Italy
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Inkjet plotter Algotex Xstream 140 4hp (180 cm) - 2966

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