Magic Ink Jet Inkjet Plotter (180 cm)
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Magic Ink Jet is a large format printer designed for drawing full-size layouts (pattern printing) and designed specifically for the garment industry. The plotter combines high resolution, width and print speed with ease of use and maintenance. Unlike other inkjet plotters, the Magic Ink Jet textile plotter is compatible with all CAD systems. The paper roll in the Magic Ink Jet plotters is installed from the front, which increases the Convenient paper loading and saves the working area of ​​the room, allows you to work in continuous printing mode. The low-cost and widely available supplies used in this series of printers avoid the hassle of purchasing and replacing them. Benefits: HP 45 ink cartridges high print speed < li> low noise level compatible with all CAD systems automatic head cleaning (eliminates the possibility of ink drying) a system that informs about paper breaks or paper shortages supply roll the design of the paper clamp during printing affects high print accuracy the ability to print short sheets without winding onto the take-up roll Effective Print Width 183 cm Maximum Print Speed ​​ 70 m2 / h Number of heads 2 Supported formats HPGL, HPGL / 2 Cartridges HP ™ 51645A # 45 Supply voltage < / td> universal with a frequency of 50 Hz ± 10% Power Consumption 110 W Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃ Plotter dimensions 230x120x70 cm Net weight 120 kg Package dimensions 267x56x47 cm 95x84x37 cm Gross weight 108 kg 18 kg Country of origin China
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Magic Ink Jet Inkjet Plotter (180 cm) - 2981

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