Feiya CTF 1502 embroidery machine
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NEW! CTF1502 is a lightweight model of a double head embroidery machine. Weight is only 220kg. Equipped with a simplified software version (similar to a single-head machine). It can reach speeds of up to 1200 rpm. The functionality is similar to CT1202. Advantages: Small dimensions Lightweight, compared to other 2-head machines Color Russified touch screen Increased embroidery speed up to 1200 stitches per minute (compared to other 2 -head machines) Large assortment of hoops for finished products as standard Embroidery angle on headdresses 270 degrees Centralized shuttle system Easy to move due to installed wheels Thread breakage detector Multilingual interface Stable operation at both low and high speed : Hoop for finished products 300x300 (4 pcs.) Round hoops: diameter 9 cm (4 pcs), 12 cm (4 pcs), 15 cm (4 pcs), 18 cm (4 pcs) Table top and curb frame with clips Baseball frame with 2 fillers Application: Bed linen, church vestments, etc. Application of trademarks on fabric, leather, felt, as well as on ready f products, clothes, etc. Applying logos on hats (caps, knitted hats), T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, even shoes Applying logos on uniforms < / li> Embroidering chevrons Decorating clothes, curtains, household items Machine type automatic Number of heads 2 Number of needles 12 Embroidery speed 1200 stitches per minute Length stitch 0.1 ~ 12.7 mm Embroidery margin 400 * 450 mm Dimensions 1000x930x1600 mm Weight 220 kg < tr> Thread break detector yes Thread trimming automatic LCD color Motor servo < td> Voltage 220V USB port yes
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Feiya CTF 1502 embroidery machine - 2820

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