Short Sleeve Rashguard
Short Sleeve Rashguard
Short Sleeve Rashguard
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The W5 Men's Short Sleeve Rashguard is crafted from a high-tech, soft-touch elastic material that provides a squeezing effect without restricting freedom of movement. The rashguard can be used for practicing various sports. If you are engaged in wrestling, MMA and many other martial arts and sports, then the rashguard is the accessory without which it is very difficult to imagine training. Special technologies remove excess moisture from the body and allow the body to "breathe". The fabric is treated with silver to protect against bacteria and promote weight loss. Fitted with anatomical fit. Details: slim fit, round neckline, short sleeve, contrast print. The drawing is completely sublimated into the fabric. Model with short sleeves and a round neckline. The product is decorated with a corporate logo.
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Short Sleeve Rashguard - 2143

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