Wooden puppet theater "Three Little Pigs"
Wooden puppet theater "Three Little Pigs"
Wooden puppet theater "Three Little Pigs" is part of the series of wooden puzzles for kids "Collect! Color! Play! " Board theatrical games are one of the simplest and most effective ways to develop younger preschoolers. This play set will introduce your kid to the heroes of a famous fairy tale, help develop speech, memory, attentiveness, creativity, teach you how to speak in whole sentences and make a coherent story. The game is intended for individual and group lessons with children from 3 years old. Composition: - 26 wooden parts; - play script 1pc. The details of the puzzle are made of plywood and cut by laser cutting, the drawing is applied by laser engraving. Preparing to play Color the houses, piglets and wolf with paints, pencils or felt-tip pens. Paints, pencils and felt-tip pens are not included! Insert the Pig, Wolf and House figures into their respective stands as shown on the box. How to play Remember, the heroes of a fairy tale on stands are just toys, without the participation of an adult, they cannot teach anything. But if you conduct classes correctly, follow the recommendations and play with your baby more often, then success will not keep you waiting. Tell your child a fairy tale, accompanying the story with the movements of the figures. During theater performances, both the narrator and the audience sit side by side on the table, and the table serves as a stage where the action takes place. Over time, the child will remember the entire text of the fairy tale, and all the manipulations with the figures. When you see that the child willingly joins in your story and continues it, then take on the role of spectator, asking the child to tell you the story from start to finish. To make your baby proud of his success, attract other adults as spectators. Let your kid learn with pleasure!

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