Sculpture by N.M. Tsiskaridze 82.86225.00.1
The art of ballet never ceases to inspire the masters of the plant for unique works. Anatoly Danilov continues the ballet theme, and one of his products is the embodiment in porcelain of the People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Tsiskaridze as Prince Siegfried from the ballet Swan Lake. The sculpture is made in a realistic manner with careful attention to detail and subtle modeling. It has one point of support, which is technologically difficult to manufacture. A frozen moment is immortalized in the figure, which retained the emotional impulse, movement and the magical moment of beauty embodied in the dance. The hero of the work was directly involved in the creation of the sculpture: he communicated with the author, shared the intricacies of his skill, discussed the details of the emerging figure. The joint work allowed the sculptor to create the most accurate and complete emotional-figurative portrait of a ballet dancer. The first author's copy of the sculpture was presented by Tatiana Tylevich, General Director of IPZ JSC, to the hero of the work, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, in honor of three years as rector of the Academy of Russian Ballet. AND I. Vaganova and the opening of the joint exhibition "The Porcelain Chronicle of the Russian Ballet".

Sculpture by N.M. Tsiskaridze 82.86225.00.1 - 7875

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АО «Императорский фарфоровый завод»

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