Station transformer for heating concrete SPB-63
Concrete heating station SPB-63 < span style= " font-family: tahoma, geneva,sans-serif;">At the current fast pace of construction, it is necessary to observe the exact schedule of technological work, but sometimes this is not possible due to adverse weather conditions, and sometimes the time of natural solidification just wants to speed up. This is especially true for zero-cycle works and foundations that harden quickly in warm and hot weather, but slow down their rate of strength gain in the wet and frosty period. Here comes the transformer < strong>concrete heating station SPB-63< / strong>.< / span>< / span>< / p> < span style= " font-family: tahoma, geneva,sans-serif;">The method of its use is simple: special heating wires of PNSV are laid in the frame of the concreted part of the structure, and then the solution is poured.An electric current is supplied through the wires from the station, which leads to the heating of the concrete and the rapid strength gain of the entire reinforced concrete structure.< / span>< / span>< / p>There are many ways to heat concrete, but the most practical and effective today is the electric method.Let's take a closer look at the transformer < strong>concrete heating station SPB-63.< / span>< / p>Scope of application – any capital construction.The station is available in two versions – with copper and aluminum transformer windings.< / span>< / span>< / p> < span style= "font-family: tahoma, geneva, sans-serif;" >The equipment is convenient to use and transport, safe, reliable, passes strict quality control and has an international certificate.What is the advantage of this concrete heating station?: unlike the SPB-20 and SPB-40, it has an increased load capacity;< / span>< / span>< / li> increased service life compared to the above devices< / span>< / span>< / li> at subzero temperatures, it allows you to warm up the soil. Technical Specifications SPB-63 (Al) SPB-63 (Cu) Power supply network 380 V, < p align= "center">50Hz, 3 phase 380 V, < p align= "center">50Hz, 3 phase Load power, kW 63 63 < p>Number of output line voltage stages 4 4 Output line voltage, V 35, 45, 60, 80 35, 45, 60, 80 Load current at any stage, no more than, A 455 455 Operating mode Continuous Continuous Primary power, kW 66 66 Weight, kg 330 360 < p>Overall dimensions (lxwxh), mm 770x780x1100 770x780x1100 Network cable core cross-section, mm2< / sup>< / p> 25 25 Cross-section of the load wires (from the output terminals of the station), mm2< / sup>< / p> 100(2x50) 100(2x50) Degree of protection IP23 IP23 Air cooling natural natural

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