Bed "ComfortBaby" Plus
Bed "ComfortBaby" Plus
Bed "ComfortBaby" Plus
The cot is ingenious in its versatility. There is no border on the side adjacent to the parent's bed, which allows you to maintain direct physical contact with the baby without any problems. Without wasting extra time and effort, you can simply lift the baby into his own bed to feed him. The cot can be easily transformed into a cradle. Necessary accessories are included in the delivery set. Just a few steps, and it is fixed. The crib has a canopy and playpen, and quickly turns into a cozy sleeping place. The slatted bottom and the comfortable polyurethane foam padding mattress promote healthy sleep. The side cot transforms perfectly into a baby sofa when the child grows out of infancy. On it, a child can comfortably sit down and play with his doll or soft toy. Dimensions size: LWH 95x 60/45 x80 cm < / li> total height about 160 cm EXTRA large surface for lying LW 90x55 cm surface for lying in the cradle LW 90x40 cm

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