Supply of enterprises
Supply of enterprises
Supply of enterprises
Supply of enterprises
Rolled metal (black, stainless, non-ferrous, special steel, cast iron). Ferroalloys Metals (rope, tape, wire, mesh). Hardware (fasteners and rigging). Electrodes Rubber and asbestos engineering. Bearings. Pipe fittings, plumbing. Tool. Electrical engineering - electrical equipment, cable products. Cement. Cleaning material. GKL and accessories. Tongue-and-groove plate. Dry building mixtures. Soils. General building materials. Thermal insulation. Vapor barrier Hand tools and consumables. Materials for wall decoration. Suspended ceilings. Porcelain stoneware. Ceramic tiles. Paints. Lucky. Solvents. Fire retardant, antiseptics. Doors. Electrical products. Sanitary products. Ventilation. Radiators Electric tools. Linoleum. Commercial linoleum. Semi-commercial linoleum. Sports flooring . Laminate. Parquet board. Plywood. OSB. Lumber. Roofing. Fasteners. Meshes, tapes, scotch tapes, films. Foam. Sealants. Adhesives. Overalls and protective equipment. Roll waterproofing. Mastics, primers. Penetrating waterproofing. Vacuum technology, filter equipment, vacuum valves, welding equipment, automation systems, machine tools, hydraulics and pneumatics, vacuum equipment, electrical equipment, motion control, water treatment, lifting and transport equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation and automation, cable, wire, containers, electronics, optical and laser technology, ventilation, electric motors, high-pressure metal hoses, stainless steel metal hoses, compressors, pumping equipment, pipeline fittings, shut-off valves, hydraulic equipment, aircraft equipment and more.

Supply of enterprises - 27260

USD 3000.0 - 500000.0 USD

最小订购: 1 个/件/只

供应可能性: 不显示


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