DR 100e
DR 100e
DR 100e
DR 100e
DR 100e
DR 100e
DR 100e Fully-motorized, flexible direct radiography (DR) system with NX MUSICA2 offering excellent image quality for a broad range of X-ray studies. DR 100e is a versatile and straightforward solution for you to get all the quality and productivity benefits of going direct digital. Flat Panel detector technology with either CsI or GOS offers excellent image quality and immediate image availability, while the MUSICA image processing delivers consistency and superior contrast detail. Dose management and quality control software are standard features to help your department maintain high quality care. Power: 32 kW Width: 61.8 cm Weight: 252 kg Highlights • Comfortable imaging experience for patient and operator • Short exposure times and fast assessment of images after exposure • Outstanding image quality and dose reduction potential Seamless connectivity with PACS, HIS / RIS and imagers • Wireless detector for improved flexibility and infection control • Your path to Direct Digital at your own pace • Equipped with a powerful generator of up to 32 kW • Operation: Plug /Motorized: Yes

DR 100e - 70696

62000.0 USD/事物 62000.0 USD

最小订购: 1 个/件/只

供应可能性: 40 个/件/只/一个月

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