Comelz COM52
Forget about awkward tools and constant concentration at work. Sit back behind the COM52, guide the workpiece and simply press the buttons - the equipment will do all the work for you, and it will do it quickly, accurately and accurately. The machine memorizes and plays back 99 programs. To start working on a specific program, you just need to enter its number. Quality The impeccable quality of complex operations is guaranteed by: • harmony of all working bodies, • precise control of the speed and advancement of the workpiece, • correction of the width of the fold of wavy edges, • control of the knife, which provides (even at low speed) an accurate cut, • variable cutting to avoid breaks in the fold. Productivity The DC motor, combined with intelligently positioned internal mechanisms, allows the operator to reach high speeds - up to 3000 rpm, significantly increasing productivity. Settings and memory The operator can give commands to the equipment regarding any aspect of production. The drives in each individual case act on the mechanisms in a certain way, thereby adjusting the position and adapting the equipment to work with a certain curvature of the workpiece. The characteristics of each bend pattern are recorded by a computer and stored in memory, if necessary, they are exactly reproduced. The number of programs to memorize - 99. The machine reproduces the following memorized bending parameters: • speed and advance of the workpiece with straight edges, • internal tortuosity, • external tortuosity, • continuous, intermittent cutting or it absence, • glue flow. Technologies Thanks to decades of experience, the company has managed to create machines that meet a high technological level, characterized by high efficiency and productivity. And all this became possible thanks to the introduction of carefully thought out innovative solutions, such as: • Zagibka. The setting of the bending criteria is controlled by a computer-coordinated automated control system. The equipment adjusts the criteria as the bend changes in the area of ​​the material. • Feeding. An economical brushless motor and the absence of mechanical activation of the knife allow you to reach speeds of up to 3000 rpm. • Knife. The knife, activated by an automated control system, independent of the main motor, guarantees a neat and precise cut. • Glue. A special glue distribution system, controlled by an automated control system, guarantees uniform application of the composition. Accessories include accessories for: • French piping, • folds with inverted lining, • folds on flat insoles, • wide folds for leather haberdashery blanks.

Comelz COM52 - 8821

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