Pleated cell filters, type ФяГ
Filters of the ФяГ type are intended for purification of outdoor and recirculated air in supply ventilation and air conditioning systems for various premises of domestic, administrative and industrial buildings. Technical requirements and characteristics Filter class ФяГ according to GOST R 51251-99, EN 779 (Eurovent 4/9) Specific air load m 3 / h.m 2 Resistance, Pa Efficiency of cleaning,% start end depth, L, mm 48 < / p> 100 G3 (EU3) 7000-10000 40-70 30-55 200 55 G4 (EU4) 7000-10000 50-80 40-60 250 65 Filters are efficient and retain their technical characteristics at a purified air temperature from -400C to + 700C. The filter parameters are determined in accordance with EN 779-2007 The environment and filtered air must not contain aggressive gases and vapors. Fyag filters consist of a frame, made of galvanized steel, inside of which the filter material is laid in the form of pleats

Pleated cell filters, type ФяГ - 26597

USD 1.16 - 139.17 USD

最小订购: 10 个/件/只

供应可能性: 5000 个/件/只/一个月

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