Artificial latex mattress
Springless mattresses Several hardness options: - soft mattress, base polyurethane foam, board heights 4 and 9 cm. - medium hardness base artificial latex, board heights 5, 10, 15 cm. - hard base artificial latex + coconut coir, board heights 6, 11, 16 cm. ********* ************************************************* ********************** All mattress options are in a removable cover. The covers are presented in two versions: · "BAMBOO" polyester fabric quilted with bamboo fiber · "WHITE cover" polycotone fabric (synthetics + cotton) quilted with padding polyester Springless mattresses are a very profitable solution : v They are durable: polyurethane foam up to 5 years. Artificial latex up to 10 years of use v Elastic - they can be rolled up for transportation and storage without fear of damage v They are cheaper than orthopedic ones, but at the same time they have all the advantages of spring mattresses, supporting the spine with different loads, as well as mattresses with an independent block. v Ease of maintenance: the cover is removed and can be washed, hypoallergenic material - no dust and insects v Self-ventilated well - in the base contains air v Holds its shape well, does not creak and springs will not come out.

Artificial latex mattress - 26742

USD 1585.0 - 8327.0 USD

最小订购: 1 个/件/只

供应可能性: 300 个/件/只/一个月

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