AllinOne Stain / Grease Remover
AllinOne Stain / Grease Remover
Elix Plus AllinOne One tool, many solutions. A specially formulated 18-component product that removes all forms of grease, dirt and stains. Has a disinfectant property, cleansing the surface from germs, viruses and bacteria.   APPLICATION AREA It is used for cleaning: - gas stoves, ovens, hoods, pans, trays made of aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, glass ceramics; deep fryers, barbecues , - seats, ceiling, interior of the car hood, - stains   clothes from any material and other textiles, - air conditioning filters and ventilation grilles, - floors with various types of dirt, - leather, fabric seats, sofas, armchairs, - carpets and rugs of any material, - dirty false ceilings made of iron, aluminum, plastic, - dirty interior doors made of wood and its components (MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, etc.), - traces of ink from any surface.   MODE OF APPLICATION It is applied by direct spraying on the contaminated area. After a minute, wipe with a damp cloth or soft brush, rinse. When removing stains from clothes, treat the stain with a small amount of substance, leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water or wash in a washing machine. Does not change the color of the fabric. It is used by washing machines to remove all kinds of stains.

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