Water meter DN 40
Water meter DN 40
Water meter DN 40
Characteristics : Type: turbine, dry type Connection: flanged < li> Water temperature: +5 ... +50C Flow rate range: 0.45 ... 60 m3 / h Nominal flow rate: 30.0 m3 / h Installation length: 200 mm Installation: horizontal and vertical position Straight sections: 3DB before and 1DB after meter Calibration interval: 6 years Warranty: 2 years. Tachometric turbine meters with flange connection of the VSKhN brand are used for measuring and metering cold water consumption. They are installed on industrial pipelines supplying mains and potable cold water with a bore diameter of 40 mm. Metering devices measure the volume of water passed through the pipeline in cubic meters and fractions. Measurement data are displayed on the dial using roller and dial indicators. Operating conditions VSHN-40 meters are installed on cold water supply systems with a working flow temperature from +5 to + 50 ° С and water supply pressure no more than 1.6 MPa. The manufacturer recommends placing measuring devices of this type in closed heated rooms with an air humidity of no more than 80% and an ambient temperature of at least +5 ° C. The place of installation is chosen so that the possibility of flooding of the device is excluded. For this, the meters are placed at a certain height from the floor on a flat horizontal section of the pipeline, constantly filled with water. The manufacturer guarantees uninterrupted operation of the device and high measurement accuracy for at least 6 years. At the end of this period, verification should be carried out, based on the results of which a decision is made to extend the life of the water meter. Among the conditions that guarantee the invariability of the operational characteristics of the VSKHN-40 meter include the correct installation, as well as compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents regarding the maximum possible volume of water passed through the pipeline per day and per month.

Water meter DN 40 - 15793

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