LELIT EM 20L water softener 20 l
Water softener 20 liters Serves for softening water in the water supply network. Description This device can significantly increase the service life of steam generators and reduce the cost of spare parts due to scale ... A 20 liter barrel allows you to comfortably use it for steam generators with a working volume of up to 6 liters of the LELIT trademark, such as PS1, PS11, PS05 / B, PS25, PS09 / D, PS09N, PG018, PG027, PG024NPGAUT05, PG036. < br> Serves to soften water in the water supply network, operates at an operating pressure of the water supply network from 0.5 to 2.5 bar for tap water with a temperature above 0 C. The device uses an ion-exchange resin similar to that used in filters for food water. Kitchen salt (NaCL.) is used to restore (regenerate) ion exchange resin. Regeneration time also depends on water hardness. Product specifications: Diameter - 200 mm / Height - 780 mm / Regeneration salt - 4 kg. Resin life , liters (water hardness 20F): 4500 l Resin life, liters (water hardness 30F): 2800 l Characteristics Code 00000094191 Volume 0.03 Gross Weight: 18 Net Weight 17.5

LELIT EM 20L water softener 20 l - 2723

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