LELIT PS1 Steam generator with iron 2 l. Power 220
Automatic steam generator 1.0 l, continuous operation, electronic power distribution, iron 1.8 kg, operating pressure 3.5 bar Description Automatic steam generator operating in a system of constant water replenishment, without loss of operating pressure. Gives constant steam, even during water injection into the boiler, thanks to the professional "water injection" system. The boiler and the body are made of stainless steel. The capacity of the barrel for filling water: 1 liter. The boiler holds up to 1 liter of water. The rest of the space is used for the production and storage of a large amount of steam to satisfy all the needs of the WTO, even the most professional. Ready for work: 7 minutes. Window for water level control and sound signal when no water in the barrel. It is possible to clean the boiler by rinsing it with water to remove the limescale residues that form during operation. Supplied with industrial iron FS454, weight 1.8 kg, with 32 steam chambers, for powerful and dry steam and with nylon mono hose. Technical data: Working pressure: 3.5 bar Maximum pressure: 5.5 bar Iron power: 800 W Boiler power: 1400 W (heating power boiler element 1150 W. + heating level power 250 W.) Booster pump power: 48 W Max. power when switched on: 2248 W. Actual boiler capacity: 1 l Nominal boiler capacity: 2 l Water filling barrel capacity: 1 l Voltage: 220 V Dimensions: 38, 5X26X29.5 cm Weight: 8.9 kg Specifications Code < /td>00000006580 Volume0.0391 Gross weight: 9.8 Net weight 9.2

LELIT PS1 Steam generator with iron 2 l. Power 220 - 2697

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