Velles 1015DDH Industrial Single Needle Sewing Machine
Velles 1015DDH Industrial Single Needle Sewing Machine
For medium to heavy materials, universal lockstitch machine with built-in servo drive and built-in head controller with automatic thread trimming, programmable bartack, foot lift (PFL included) Stitch length up to 6 m Foot lift - 6/13 LED illumination of the sewing field Reverse button < span> Description Direct servo-driven 1-needle lockstitch machine with automatic thread trimming, bartack and sewing programming, automatic presser foot lift (PFL) One-needle lockstitch sewing machine with a flat platform. For handling heavy materials. Stitch - 301. Machine with full automatic functions. "Clip" thread catcher. This makes it easier to use different presses and attachments on an automatic machine. Standard hook size Stitch length up to 6 mm Foot lift up to 13 mm Sewing speed up to 3500 stitches per minute Automatic lubrication Mechanisms for moving the material - the lower toothed rack. The machine is delivered with a table. Industrial table with adjustable bed frame. Machine with built-in energy-saving servo motor. Illuminated sewing area. Significantly reduced noise and vibration. Needles: DBx1 # 9-18 Features Code 00000096159 Power, W 550 < / tr> Voltage, V 220 Volume 0.085 Gross Weight: 41 Net Weight 35 Number of needles 1 Number of threads 2 Lift amount of presser foot 13 Stitch length up to 6.5 Sewing speed (stitches / min) 4000

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