Diesel generator 20 kW open on the frame MOTOR
Diesel power plant AD20 open on the frame, based on the RICARDO engine is designed to generate electricity as a backup (in some cases the main) power source in settlements, at construction sites , in shift camps, at drilling rigs, in the power systems of enterprises, educational institutions, medicine, in ensuring the functioning of banks, hotels, shopping, warehouse complexes, etc. All components are quality controlled using high-tech equipment. Full control of the production process and final quality control of products is provided by industry experts in accordance with Russian standards. All power plants are fully ready for operation after commissioning, complete with a silencer, battery, filled with oil and coolant. Each 20 kW diesel power plant manufactured by MOTOR has undergone a 2-hour run-in under conditions as close as possible to real operation. Compliance with standards: 20 kW power plant has a certificate of conformity: conformity with GOST R 53174-2008, GOST R 51318.12-99 (CISPR 12-97), GOST 12.1. 012-2004, GOST 12.1.003-83 Basic configuration (for a 20 kW generator the price is calculated based on the basic configuration) : < / strong> 1) Complete diesel engine ( RICARDO ), equipped with direct fuel injection, water-air cooling and speed governor; 2) Generator 20 kW ( 20 kW alternator ) single-support brushless, synchronous, four-pole with feedback diodes, with self-excitation and automatic voltage regulator; 3) Frame with installed fuel tank. The fuel tank is equipped with a drain cock and a lockable fuel filler neck. The structure of the frame allows for rigging work with a car-loader, manipulator, or using a crane-beam; 4) Power supply system with batteries, generator, starting starter; 5) Control cabinet with automatic or manual start (depending on the degree automation); Additional equipment (affects the 20 kW power plant cost ) : - Electric preheater of coolant from the 220 V mains - Electric pre-heater for oil from the 220 V mains - Pre-starting diesel heater of cooling liquid PZhD, - External fuel tank - Execution on a one- or two-axle trailer or on a car chassis, - Execution in the insulated block-container "North", with the complete set of the block-container with equipment and systems necessary to ensure the safety, operation and maintenance of the diesel generator set (the complete set and execution of the block-container is agreed upon additionally),

Diesel generator 20 kW open on the frame MOTOR - 14320

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