Herbal tea "With light steam"
Herbal tea "With light steam"
Gustatory herbal collection. Pleasant, refined taste of Crimean herbs, filled with RAYS WARM SUN, ECOLOGICALLY CLEAN AIR , saturated with centuries of history and CRYSTAL CLEAN WATER OF THE CRIMEA . The collection is made according to the recipe of Crimean herbalists who have been harvesting herbs for more than one generation. Herbal collection WITH LIGHT STEAM composition : < / u> oregano blackberries mint rose < / strong> thyme Not a drug before use it is necessary to consult a doctor. General contraindications for all herbs: individual intolerance to the components; pregnancy; women during lactation, acute and life-threatening conditions and diseases requiring urgent therapy; oncological diseases; specific and infectious diseases; mental and venereal diseases, acute phases of a number of chronic diseases (bronchial asthma, status asthma, hypertensive crisis, acute myocardial infarction, etc.). Herbs are not chemically processed, therefore storage terms and conditions must be observed.

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Зеленые сокровища Крыма

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