Stock Theater. Set of dolls Favorite fairy tales
Stock Theater. Set of dolls Favorite fairy tales
Stock Theater. Set of dolls Favorite fairy tales
Put on a real theatrical performance at home! Give kids the joy of being creative with the Tenth Kingdom Stock Theater. The set of stock dolls and scenery "Favorite Tales" includes: • Stock dolls - 8 pcs. (doll size - 15-21 cm.) • Decorations - 4 pcs. • Velcro kit for attaching decorations • Scenarios The set is made of wood materials with elements of paper and plastic fittings. Full list of dolls: • Kolobok • Hare • Wolf • Bear • Fox • Mouse • Frog • cat Full list of decorations: • Trees (left curtain) • Trees (right wing) • House with a window (left curtain) • Table with treats The set is suitable for staging the performances "Kolobok", "Teremok" and "Cat and Fox". How to arrange performances with a set? For a complete show, set up a screen (sold separately) where you want it, choose the fairy tale you want to play, and decorate the stage with decorations. The play can be shown without a screen - from behind the edge of a table, a stack of books or an empty cardboard box. Give the roles to the actors and play! Ready scripts and phonograms will give children the joy of creativity without long rehearsals, learning roles and making dolls and decorations. Just open the box and the theater is in your home! We have created for you an information-safe, pedagogically competent developing theatrical play environment that will bring maximum benefit to children 3-8 years old. Expand your home stock theater with other kits and dolls.

Stock Theater. Set of dolls Favorite fairy tales - 41867

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